Basic frame

These are photos of a recent commission to show  a few of the stages that occur in the making of a sculpture - this one being a male Wild Boar.


First I start with a metal frame which roughly resembles the animals back bone and legs. This is carefully measured to ensure that the final animal will be in proportion from head to toe, and in height.


Next I make the feet. Each foot is carefully formed to be either a front or a back foot. These are then put into place at the end of the leg wires and then the layers to create the legs are slowly built up from the feet.


Bit by bit, with the addition of numerous layers of wire the shape and form of the animal is created. The layers of wire give the impression of the muscles and fur, adding dimension to the final sculpture

Feet in stages

First layer of wire

More layers to create muscular effect

First layer to head

Finished sculpture ready for transport to final destination in Toronto.