I have numerous ideas and am always open to personal requests. It takes a long time to create an animal as they are made out of galvanized wire, which is very tough on the hands! Once finished I spray most pieces with 'galvanizing' paint to preserve and protect from the elements. I have boar that are now over 10 years old and they are still going strong!


Please note, I do NOT have an inventory! I have animals for display purposes only. Animals are made to order and are on a commission basis only.


The Marsh Street Galley, Clarksburg, Ontario does have a squirrel which is replaced whenever one is sold.

Prices range from $195 CAD (for example a Squirrel) to $2000 (for example, a Male Wild Boar with mouth open). However a pony is more!!

Exact pricing is available on request. 50% deposit required with an order. All orders for sculptures are collected from my studio at Feversham, near Georgian Bay, Ontario.

   Click here to see a Wild Boar sculpture in the making


And here is my inspiration!