I am very mindful that anyone who has looked at this page over the years will have seen basically the same pictures. They are difficult to change as they are available as prints and cards and are requested whenever people see them - both new and old visitors to the site.


I have done numerous drawings which have been cards or private commissions, and which can't always make this page.


However, I am adding in a few new pictures here as a 'preview' to a book I am making. I have been drawing whenever I've had the opportunity (which hasn't been often enough!!) and am slowly accumulating enough pictures to make into a book! The title is, "Life is a Piece of Cheese" and, if you hadn't guessed, features mice doing various activities. The front and back cover designs are featured in my Journal for January 2018.


One of the activities is 'Snail Racing'. Racing snails is a most joyful activity that many of us enjoyed as children, and actually has a big following with an annual World Snail Racing Championship held in Congham, Norfolk, UK every year. My series has 7 drawings but here are a selected 3.



Pen & Ink Prints


I was given my first 'professional' ink pen when I was just turning 12, and instantly fell in love with it!


Rather aptly, given the variety of subject matters that I love to draw, the images that appear at the end of my nib take on a cartoonish facade.


The pen is an Isograph that comes with a number of nib sizes and refillable ink cartridges.


Available as 10 in x 8 in prints

Price: $10 CAD (plus postage).


Pen and Ink Cards


A choice of Bees, Boar or Trains!


Available as greetings cards for all occasions, blank inside for your own message.


Card size approximately:

5.5 in x 8 in


Price $6.00 CAD (including postage and packing)