In 2017 I decided to open my website with my monthly 'Journal' page instead of the traditional 'bio' Here I endeavour to explain some useful knowledge pertaining to the creation of a visual piece using photography and examples.


Every now and again the photos within this website will be changed (so do please check them occasionally!) but as this isn't done every month the Journal page was created so that each month there is something new to read and see!


(Links to previous News Letters can be found at the bottom of the page.)



December was a busy month promoting my book, and planning for the year ahead. Lots to do and people to see!


I was also very occupied with family commitments so this month is very short . I will leave you with photographs of our 3 furry family members who delight us everyday  with their characters and antics.


I can't believe another year has gone! Looking forward to 2020 and creating new pieces of work!!


Great News! My book, "Life is a Piece of Cheese" is now available! Along with coordinating shopping bags in 100% cotton.


Please visit my "Books, Bags & Mice" page for further details



In mid-September my neighbour gave me some of her home grown onions. We noticed this green chrysalis attached to one of the plants. It didn't immediately occur to us that it was a Monarch butterfly as onions aren't the usual plant for the Monarch to use!


I kept this chrysalis in a jar for 4 weeks until it emerged as a beautiful butterfly. What I find amazing is that a caterpillar can create the chrysalis and then within the confines of the chrysalis a butterfly emerges!


It took a whole day for the butterfly to fully unfurl it's wings. It did lots of little flaps and a lot of body stretching. After two days of strengthening it's wings and using it's muscles it took to air. I can only hope that it successfully negotiates its route and spends a lovely winter in Mexico.


Chrysalids come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. the gold dots on this one look like real gold! How does nature do that?


On a recent trip to a Butterfly House I saw a row of chrysalids; the diversity of shapes, sizes and structure was incredible (photo in the slide show)


Finally, Flesherton library (Ontario) is holding an exhibition of work by local artists. The show runs from 1st November until the end of December; naturally I have some work on display!


September seems to have gone by in a flash! And we have gone from summer to fall in a matter of weeks. The trees are turning lovely colours and the change in light makes the colours even more vibrant. Too soon summer is over and we look to winter ahead.


The animals all seem to know too, as do the birds and butterflies as they ready themselves for hibernation or a long flight to warmer climates. Our resident chipmunks are getting quite chubby as they prepare to wait the winter out. Chipmunks don't hibernate but survive on the food they have gathered and stored. I can't look at a chipmunk without smiling; they are so endearing! This one has certainly found a good food supply.....



As I await the printing of my book (which seems to be taking a lot longer than I feel it should - it took years to do the drawings yet once it was ready to print I want it NOW!!! I am being patient and will announce it's arrival as soon as I can.


In the meantime I have started on a new series of drawings. I won't say any more until I have additional drawings to display.

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