In 2017 I decided to open my website with my monthly 'Journal' page instead of the traditional 'bio' Here I endeavour to explain some useful knowledge pertaining to the creation of a visual piece using photography and examples.


Every now and again the photos within this website will be changed (so do please check them occasionally!) but as this isn't done every month the Journal page was created so that each month there is something new to read and see!


Links to previous Journal entries can be found at the bottom of this page.



August has been a month of being incredibly busy but no time for finishing any art projects! I have a lot 'in process' which will, hopefully, be finished by the end of September.....(photo below of next art piece 'in process').


Above are two of our many garden toads. I wish I could say with confidence what they are but sadly I haven't found any photos that readily identify these two amphibians.


As July is traditionally holiday time I have decided to use a few pages from my book depicting a camping scenario. The 'lock down' measures that once restricted travelling have now been eased so going away has again become possible. The sunny weather and longer days make July a good time for holidays and camping......and after months at home a change of scenery is very welcome.


This drawing was inspired by the old canvas tent that my father had and we used as children until we got a new tent in the early 1970's with the amazing integral ground sheet and easy set up. What a delight that was! The poles in the canvas tent had strange metal bands that had to secure the folded poles to a straight pole, but the rings were liable to slip if not properly put in place and the tent would descend....You also had to crawl into the flat tent on the ground to put the poles up! Modern tents with the poles on the outside are such an amazing invention!


It always seems to rain as well. So this mouse has found the ideal situation and can enjoy his camping experience and dinner.


As mentioned in the bio, I have illustrated the book but not put any words as I feel each page tells a story and anyone looking at the pictures can create their own. The book is ideal for encouraging creative writing and story telling - a useful tool during holidays and home schooling!


For details on how to purchase my book please visit my 'Books, bag & Mice' page.


Ironically I am late, yet again, with my Journal! Amazing how quickly the weeks are passing; so much to do...


We haven't been allowed to use our own shopping bags for months now so it really nice that supermarkets are now allowing personal bags to be used again. I hate to think of all the plastic that has been used and not recycled during these first months of COVID-19 pandemic.... I now have a new addition to my shopping bag line! The mouse with hearts will hopefully bring smiles to many faces! Please visit my 'Books, bags & mice' page for more details.


We have many trees on our property and one is directly opposite our kitchen window. I was delighted when I saw these juvenile red squirrels exit their nest and romp around the tree! They dispersed very quickly so I was very fortunate to capture this moment.


I suddenly realised we are at the end of the first week of June and I hadn’t posted my Journal for May! Despite the 'lock-down' I have been very busy and the days and weeks are just tumbling by.....


I took these photos of a Raccoon at the beginning of May. It seems strange now to see the trees without leaves! It is a shame that Raccoons are not welcome in home settings as they are really quite cute to look at. They unfortunately carry diseases such as Rabies and Distemper, and if that wasn't enough, can readily attack domestic pets so are not good animals to have wondering around your garden.


We've only had a few Raccoon visitors to  the house over the years and luckily they all wandered off soon after making their appearance. I am always aware that they are not that far away and never leave anything edible outside as I know that they will eat it!!


One night I heard noises downstairs and went to investigate. It was 2 in the morning. I looked out side the back door and saw that a Raccoon had tipped over the new barbecue gas cylinder that I was going to install in the morning and was happily rolling it along the outside deck to the top of the steps that lead into the garden....Luckily I disturbed the Raccoon just in time and stopped the gas cylinder from bumping it's way down the steps! Why it needed the gas cylinder has been the subject of family speculation for many years!!

In my last Journal I had pictures of a small Boar I had made. This is the second and was a commission for a birthday present.


I'm used to doing life-sized pigs but am really enjoying the challenge of these smaller pieces. They are also more versatile as they can either be kept indoors or outdoors.

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