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March / April

These last two months I have been focusing on the continued development and final details of the two little story books that I have written and illustrated about a little mouse called Lily. It is amazing just how much attention to detail is needed to write and illustrate a book! My first book, Life is a Piece of Cheese, may have taken over 30 years to complete but at least I didn't have to worry about translations, punctuation, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes!! I also used a publisher to do that book whereas I am doing ALL the development of the Lily books myself, and am using a local printer to produce the books.


Just as I thought I had it all done, I not only found several errors, but also realised that I needed International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) for each book version! Luckily getting the latter was extremely simple and quick. So now I am waiting for 2 'proofs' and then I can go ahead and finalise the book for printing. It is all very exciting but also unbelievable nerve-racking!!


In February I mentioned that one book is called, "Lily receives a present", the other book is called, "Lily wonders what to do". They are both bilingual, having Italian or French as the second language.


The book size is 7 inches by 6 inches. If you wish to pre-order, then please contact me.


Please check here regularly to see when the books have arrived and are ready for dispatch!!

Lily Receives a Present

Lily receve un regalo

Lily a un cadeau

Lily Wonders What to do

Lily si chiede cosa fare

Lily se demande ce qu'il faut faire



I am writing some simple children's books featuring a little mouse called Lily. My first book is. "Lily Receives a Present' in which Lily has a great surprise when she finds she has been given dancing shoes and a dress. There are 10 illustrations telling the story. The story is written in English but with the opportunity of having either an Italian or French translation on the same page.


I am currently exploring printing options so that I can launch these little books. Next month I will include more details, including cost, availability and how to order.

February has been cold and snowy, the perfect weather for being indoors and drawing!


I am continuing my collection of water colour and ink illustrations. I did a special one for Valentines Day and then progressed on to a NEW and exciting project!



The start of another year....how time keeps flowing by.


Some things are timeless and seem to intrigue for many years after they were first brought to the public attention. Art and literary work are some things that seem to span the ages.


I have always enjoyed illustrative work and during this current 'lock down' have put pen to paper to create an illustration of one of my favourite poems. I can't quote many poems but Edward Lear's, "The Owl and the Pussy cat" is one that I have committed to memory; probably because I read it to our children on numerous occasions!!


Edward Lear was born in England in 1812 and died at his home in Italy in 1888. Sadly he never married and suffered years of ill health, particularly epilepsy. Despite his ailments he had a very successful career as an artist, being particularly adept at painting birds and animals. His first book published, at the age of 19, was an illustrated book on parrots.

During his life, Edward Lear travelled widely, particularly the Mediterranean, Egypt, India and Ceylon. During his travels he did numerous sketches which he later developed into paintings when back at his studio. He published many books, illustrated with his artwork.


Primarily an artist, Edward Lear also published a number of books famously titled, "First Book of Nonsense", "First Book of Nonsense and more" etc. In 1871 he published a book called, "Nonsense songs and stories" and in this featured the famous tale of the "Owl and the Pussy-cat". It is thought he wrote these nonsense rhymes for the children and grandchildren of friends, but also as a contrast to the strict nature of the Victorian era. (He, apparently gave art lessons to Queen Victoria.) Some of the words in his poems and stories were made up to fit the rhyme but have now a place in English Dictionaries. One such word is 'runciple spoon' which features in the last verse of "The Owl and the Pussy-cat".


Apart from the illustration above I have also written and illustrated a small book but more on that next month!

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