In 2017 I decided to open my website with my monthly 'Journal' page instead of the traditional 'bio' Here I endeavour to explain some useful knowledge pertaining to the creation of a visual piece using photography and examples.


Every now and again the photos within this website will be changed (so do please check them occasionally!) but as this isn't done every month the Journal page was created so that each month there is something new to read and see!


Links to previous Journal entries can be found a the bottom of this page.

November & December


 How quickly the months have passed! I have been fortunate to have been busy (hence the lateness of this journal entry!)


I designed the mouse in the red coat for my Christmas cards. She is cheerful and brought many a smile to recipients faces which is always good to hear!!


I was also very occupied with a special wire sculpture commission. I usually do boar, or pigs, in the standing position so to be requested to create a 'Yoga Pig' was quite the challenge!


I started off by making a basic form for the head and body and then added more pieces of wire to it bit by bit. At night, before falling asleep, I would think about the next stage. One particular episode of deep thought was on how I was going to get the legs sitting correctly. The process of painstakingly adding layer after layer slowly revealed the pigs shape and form. The final touch was her tail! It was a challenging but very pleasing project to work on as it needed a lot of visualisation and thinking which is always good for the brain cells!!


Well, 2020 is over and I think we are all entering into 2021 with some trepidation.....


This month I have added to the range of shopping bags. My design with the Mouse with Hearts now comes in two versions - lined and unlined. The new lined version has two internal pockets - one for slipping in things such as a phone or car keys, and one with a zip. There are also 3 coordinating zipped bags that can be purchased separately. The zipped bags are all fully lined and measure approximately 19cm x 17cm, 18cm x 15cm, and 15cm x 12cm. (width x height)


The lined Mouse with Hearts bag is $60. Unlined is $45

The coordinating zipped bags are $25, $20 and $15.


For enquiries and to order please email using my contact form.

Payment can be made in person or via e-interac transfer. Mailing is at extra cost. Curbside pickup is an option.


Whilst I was printing some more greetings cards with my lino cut images  I realised that 2 of my original designs were not shown on my Lino Cut page! Since these are two of my most popular designs I have hastened to amend their omission...


I do have a few of the original lino prints available, but all the designs are now reproduced on card stock which makes them very pretty greetings cards for many occasions. The image is on glossy paper but the inside is matte so that you can write your own personal message. Cards are approximately 6" x 8 " and are $6 including an envelope.


I have frequently been asked where I got my inspiration so here is a brief explanation.  I have included some family photos as the fashion illustrated is important. As my Grandmothers were born in the early 1900's there were lots of family photographs of the beautiful clothes that were worn at that time. I have to admit to just loving the elegance of the dresses. One of my great Aunts said that she loved the swish-swish noise that the fabric made as ladies walked along and always vowed to have dresses that made the same noise but by the time she became a young lady it was the 1920's so wearing the beautiful gowns had passed her by; she was most disappointed.


A lot of my designs also include trees, flowers, foliage plants, wrought ironwork etc.. My paternal grandmother was a very keen gardener and had a beautiful garden full of a wondrous variety of plants, She had fuchsias whose flowers danced in the wind like little ballerinas, hosts of daffodils and jonquils that cheered the early spring days, and many aromatic plants like roses, jasmine, lilac, sage, thyme, rosemary etc. She also had lots of foliage to add a great assortment of shapes and texture to the landscape. My grandmothers garden was a wonderful place to enjoy.


I have also been fortunate to be able to enjoy the many wonderful National Trust properties in England which, along with stunning architectural design, frequently boast very enviable gardens. "A walk in the Botanical Gardens" and "Tea Rooms at the Botanical Gardens" were both inspired after visits to Kew Gardens in London, England. Combing my love of plants and the fashion of the Edwardian era lead to the creation of many of my lino print designs.



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