Firstly, a bit about my art. I have always enjoyed being creative and have always drawn from a very early age. I started producing pen & ink drawings with a little twist of amusement after being inspired by events that have occurred during my life.


I have worked in various mediums: initially I started with Lino Printing and Pen & Ink drawings. I enjoy the variety and challenges that each medium gives.


A number of years ago I embarked into the area of sculpture. We had a wild Boar Farm in England before emigrating to Ontario, Canada and I wanted to capture these magnificent animals as we remembered them. We had a very good set of photographs but these could not easily demonstrate the size and dimensions of a real boar. With this in mind, my first Wild Boar sculpture was made. My repertoire has since expanded due to our new surroundings!

I have created a series of greeting cards with a variety of themes (including Bees, Wild Boar, Mice and Steam Trains).


I have exhibited widely but felt that a web page was necessary as I would like my work to reach and be enjoyed by a wider audience. I hope you enjoy this site and that some of the drawings will bring a smile to your face. Please browse and contact me for any queries, commissions and orders.


What might seem an unusual addition is the inclusion of hand made soaps. these have grown steadily from supplying my family with a wide range of high quality soaps with fantastic ingredients to the supply of soaps to friends and the public. I only make small batches to ensure that the whole process is as natural as you can make it. Take a look on the Handmade Soaps page and you will see that the choice of soaps is selective to cater for all requests.