Welcome to my monthly 'Journal' page! Here I endeavour to explain some useful knowledge pertaining to the creation of a visual pieces using photography and examples. I hope you enjoy my journal, and please contact me if you have an queries.


Every now and again the photos within this website will be changed (so do please check them occasionally!) but as this isn't done every month the Journal page was created so that each month there is something new to read and see!


Items on this site can be purchased directly from me (send me a message via Contact). A select few needle felted textile pictures and the shopping bags are available via the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts e-shop www.artsfestontario.com


(Links to previous News Letters can be found at the bottom of the page.)



Another year has ended! How quickly the months have gone!


THANK YOU to everyone who have supported me throughout the year, and to everyone who have kindly purchased my books and needle-felted pieces, as well as a good selection of the zipped bags.


My books are all available at Jessica's Book Nook, Bruce Street, Thornbury. "Life is a Piece of Cheese" is available at a ll the stores listed on my book page. Please continue to support these invaluable independent book stores.


I wish you all a healthy and safe 2022.


Until next year.

October & November

The beautiful colours of autumn have now made way for the brightness of snow and the cool chill of winter. When the sun shines, the glorious blue sky offsets the white of the snow and it is truly very, very pretty. Sunsets are also a stunning array of pinks, oranges, yellow and reds; nature is so remarkable.


I am delighted that my Lily story books are now for sale at Jessica's Book Nook, in Thornbury, Ontario (www.jessicas.ca ). They are also in the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts shop in Collingwood, Ontario, along with my bags and needle-felted textiles (bags and glasses cases).


The L.E.Shaw public library in Thornbury, Ontario is holding a Christmas gift show from 10th December. I will have various works on display, along with a new series of mouse ballerinas. I love using real pens, pencils, paints and ink but getting good renditions for digital use is always a trial.


And please, when shopping for gifts, remember all those wonderful local business and art shops selling bespoke and original pieces!

July, August & September

Oh my! We're nearly at the end of September already...I can not believe just how fast this year is going. In some ways it's good as we still in the midst of a pandemic with restrictions etc., but on the other side once gone the time is never to return.

Whilst there is the beginning of a little bit of 'normality' we are still living in strange, curious, and somewhat worrisome times. I feel so for all the musicians out there who have had their livelihoods stripped from them as the pandemic unfolded and remains in our lives. I do hope they all can return to their professions very soon.


My summer has been busy with so many things but none related to being creative so this post is just to show I'm still here! Once autumn takes hold, and winter likewise, I hope to be able to return to the more informed Journal entries.


My books are still for sale so do please browse my 'Books , Bags & Mice ' page, and support the local shops kindly selling my books. They are also available directly from me so please place your order using my 'Contact' form!!


Happy Autumn (Fall)!


Summer has certainly arrived and it's lovely to have the glorious blooms and accompanying fragrances gracing the garden. My two favourite flowers are roses and peonies.

I am delighted that my Lily books are selling well. I am very fortunate that I had a local, family run print business that were able to help me out. The book was designed, created and printed in Canada!!


VERY exciting NEWS!! My two little books, "Lily Receives a Present", and "Lily Wonders What to Do". Are NOW available to purchase!!

They are both bilingual, having the story in English & Italian or English & French.


There are 10 pages of illustrations accompanying the story. Each book costs $12. (please add $3 per book for shipping)


The book size is 7 inches by 6 inches. If you wish to order, then please contact me.



Lily Receives a Present

Lily receve un regalo

Lily a un cadeau

Lily Wonders What to do

Lily si chiede cosa fare

Lily se demande ce qu'il faut faire

So wonderful having summer weather now (though we did have snow again a week ago!) and to see the return of the butterflies.

This is the first Monarch butterfly I've seen. It was enjoying the nectar of our very fragrant Lilac tree.

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